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The age of the internet is at its prime and is currently taking up the lives of most people on earth. Everyone who is anyone has a social media account and this fact is widely targeted by marketers and writers that aim to have their word out to the world through their websites. But what not everyone knows is that it’s only some of these websites that actually get to people, as 80% of the people who searches something on the internet only relies on the first page of the results for answers that they want to know about. This means that the millions of other websites that are trying to rank for the same keywords will never see the light of organic traffic as only the top results will receive the glory. It also gets worse for most aspiring websites trying to make a break in to the cyber world, as 90% of traffic comes from search engines. This is why only 2% of the people succeed in making their website successful and these are the people who are taking advantage of some SEO benefits.

These have been the go to facts in the world of websites ever since it has started. This is also the reason why almost all of the websites that actually make a hit use SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is the only thing that is standing between quality sites with low visitors and high ranking low quality sites. SEO “enhances” your websites visibility from Google and aims to fit to it’s current algorithm and take advantage of it so that it can rank higher in the search results.

SEO benefits that have been commonly known are that it shapes your website so that the people can navigate it better and that Google can index it faster and make it think that your website is of higher value than others. This means you will get higher traffic, this goes exponentially in numbers. SEO is also the most cost effective way to get your website very needed traffic, as other means such as ads and social media require too much money per visitor and makes you pay continuously where in SEO is usually a one time job. You can also track your traffic and performance with SEO to know which pages are doing you more harm than good, making you aware of certain flaws and leading to an even greater site. These are only a few of the reasons why you need SEO.

If you’re still not convinced, there’s a big reason why you need SEO. You’re not getting the traffic that you deserve. Most of the websites that are outranking you on Google are using SEO to get the traffic that you should be getting, despite that fact that theirs are of lower quality. SEO is also used by all of the big companies, only showing you how important it is to rank and to all webmasters alike. Get some SEO benefits and even up the playing field.